Who this fool be

In late October 2005, I began this blog, my first blog, just a (running) fool, to chronicle my journey to reach a marathon by the time I was 40.

While that goal was not reached, I still continue to chronicle my goal to continue running and keep myself in good health at my main blog, an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe), whose title is inspired by the quote by the late Dr. George Sheehan,

“Each one of us is an unfinished person in an unfinished universe.”

The primary purpose of that blog is to serve as a portal into one unfinished person’s life, especially through three elements of not only who he is, but who we all are.

1. Body, which was represented here

2. Mind

3. Soul

I also have a blog less serious than the unfinished person one at Unfinished Rambler.