New Year’s Resolutions 2009

In keeping with the breakdown of this blog into three themes, body, mind and soul, I give you my 10 New Year’s resolutions:


  1. Run at least three times a week and go to gym at least twice a week.
  2. Use WeightWatchers/SparkPeople to assist with weight loss.
  3. Run/walk God’s Country Marathon June 6, three days before 40th birthday.


  1. Send out books as promised on Just A (Reading) Fool
  2. Combine three existing blogs, Just A (Running) Fool, Just A (Reading) Fool, Journeying with the Saints into this blog, and for less serious blog entries, use Unfinished Rambler. So short version: Cut back to two blogs.
  3. Get a job. Now working two part-time jobs, as a newspaper correspondent and at a small town bookstore, but need a full-time job with benefits.


  1. Attend Mass regularly.
  2. Pray Morning and Evening Prayer.
  3. Become oblate for Mt. Saviour Monastery.

Overall: Spend more (quality) time with The Wife.


One response to “New Year’s Resolutions 2009

  1. I like to way you’ve organized your resolutions. Good luck to you this year. I look forward to reading about your progress towards that marathon!

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